Monday is restaurant day! We recommend a visit to Izbata!

If you are in the mood for Bulgarian food today, the Izbata restaurant offers numerous Bulgarian delicacies that you are welcome to try. Furthermore we can say that the Bulgarian wines are of a TOP quality. As always, the staff is very friendly. And when it comes to price-performance ratio, this restaurant is high on … Read more

Monday ist restaurant-day! Our recommendation: The Tables-Restaurant!

If you’ve been vaccinated, tested, or recovered, are considering going to a restaurant and don’t know where to go yet. After work, strolling down Vitosha Boulevard and then stopping off at the tables restaurant sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? This is our recommendation for you today! More information on the TOP 10 Rest … Read more

Monday is your restaurant-day! We recommend the “Pod Lipite”

For everyone who wants to visit a restaurant today or during this week, we recommend the Pod Lipite. Here you can enjoy Bulgarian delicacies! How about eating good “Kiufteta” or “Snezhanka” again, for example? Enjoy your stay at Pod Lipite. More information on the TOP 10 Rest in Sofia is stated HERE. Location:

Monday is restaurant day! We recommend a visit to Shastlivesta

Welcome autumn in the Shastlivetsa restaurants, which is waiting for you with our new season menu. That means … rich flavors, bright colors and selected Bulgarian products. You can see an example of this in the picture (“Fast Autumn Pickle”). Weitere Informationen zu den TOP 10 Restaurants in Sofia erhaltet ihr <a href=””>hier</a>. Location: <iframe … Read more

Eating in the “Vitosha Street Bar and Dinner”

How about a visit to a restaurant today? The “Vitosha Street Bar and Dinner” invites you to enjoy very good meals. The Greek salad, which you can see in the picture, is particularly recommended as a starter. Otherwise you can have a beer there and enjoy the sun on the terrace.