Monday is restaurant day! ….in the MEAT!-Restaurant

Monday is restaurant day! ….in the MEAT!-Restaurant

19. September 2022 0 By Sofia-TOP10

After recently reporting on more exotic restaurants like Royal Thai or CANTEEN, we turn to a slightly simpler but high-quality culinary direction: THE BURGER. All that makes the burger is the meat. If the meat is roasted “medium” and still tastes really good, you know that it is of very good quality. I bite into the burger and also have fries, maybe a spicy ketchup variant and the enjoyment is perfect. You might be wondering where to get such a burger in Sofia. We have the answer: in the MEAT!

The interior might be a bit rustic, but the goal is not to spend hours in a restaurant with a bottle of wine, but to eat a high-quality burger with friends and then go to another station, such as a bar, right in the center. Between Vitosha Boulevard and Ivan Vasov Theater, the restaurant is located in a perfect long distance on Angel Kanchev Street, where there are many other TOP destinations such as THE COCKTAIL BAR or CLUB TERMINAL 1.

So guys give it a try, it might just be the best burger you’ve ever eaten. And if not, at least you ate a burger of a very high standard. We wish a good appetite.

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