Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar

Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar

The Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is located in the hotel of the same name in the center of the city opposite Sofia’s most famous church, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. The view is really great, especially in the evening at sunset. The cocktails are also very good, if a little expensive in comparison. On the other hand, the staff is very professional and the atmosphere is “très chic”. We particularly recommend this bar if you are traveling in small groups.

For larger groups, from our point of view, this is not the right place at the times when the bar is frequented. Here you can get an impression of the night view of the brightly lit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral:

Very well prepared cocktails are served in an appealing and nice ambiance. The Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is definitely worth a visit for those who want to end the evening nicely. The bar is open for you between 10am and 2am every day. We recommend that you make a reservation at the following number, especially on weekends: +359 (0) 884 544 108 (


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