3Oz Bar

3Oz Bar

For those who want to sip great cocktails in a rather small and rustic bar, the 3Oz Bar is the right place! From our point of view, the best cocktails in town are served here!

The 3oz Bar knows how to offer its guests cool themed evenings again and again. For example neon parties, as you can see in the picture 😉 … but Latin American or hip hop theme parties are also organized: 3ozbar

The bar is located near the Palace of Culture, not far from other clubs and Sofia’s main pedestrian zone, Vitosha Boulevard.

Those who want to leisurely drink cocktails on a sofa shouldn’t come here. In terms of comfort, other bars can offer better. The bar is also rather small and the queue may take a little longer depending on the rush, but the music in the 3oz bar is legendary and for this reason alone belongs in our top 10 bars in Sofia.


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