Where are the best bars in Sofia (including cocktail bars)?

Along with Belgrade and Athens, Sofia is the city on the Balkan Peninsula with the coolest bars and night

clubs. Although the nightlife in Belgrade has rightly been hyped in recent years, especially by the travel guide Lonelyplanet, Sofia doesn’t need to hide from this. Below we suggest our top 10 bars in Sofia. With a click on the corresponding name you will get detailed information about each bar.

The best bars in Sofia from our point of view can be divided into two categories. The city’s rooftop bars offer a special experience, with either a wonderful view of the city’s major monuments or simply of the Vitosha Mountains.

On the other hand, some bars (listed under “other bars”) are part of the top 10 list, which do not offer a breathtaking view, but were included in the top 10 list for individual reasons, be it due to regular, very good live music (jazz Bar) or because of the outstanding cocktails (for example 3oz Bar or The Cocktail Bar).



A very chic bar not far from Tsar Osvoboditel Square, the Sense Hotel Rooftop Bar is THE place to go for a special view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia’s most famous landmark.

In the south of the city, The Corner Piano Bar offers you a great piano music atmosphere with very good cocktails and snacks. Here you don’t have a special view of the monuments of the city, but you look straight at the Vitosha Mountains, the mountain range at the gates of Sofia.

Attention, bring your swimming trunks !! 😉 The bar is relatively far from the city center, but it offers a beach feeling including a pool and a view of the Balkan mountains. How to get there is in the detailed description (see link).

Simply impressive !! A panoramic view is guaranteed. The bar is part of the Grand Hotel Millennium in the center of Sofia. Let yourself be enchanted.


Other Bars

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