TODAY: Last day of Whiskey Fest in Sofia

TODAY: Last day of Whiskey Fest in Sofia

9. October 2022 0 By Sofia-TOP10

Today is the last day of the Whiskey Festival in Sofia. For all those who love whiskey, you still have the opportunity to taste over 200 varieties today. Whether it’s a peaty Laphroaig, a Lagavulin, a Jameson…or the best-produced whiskey Glenfiddich, each has its merits. Don’t worry, snacks will be provided on site. Of course, you can’t have multiple styles of whiskey without eating. This event has the advantage that you can taste the specialties of whiskey types from all over the world in one hall. Such diverse and possibly also rare types of whiskey are sometimes difficult to obtain and are suitable for self-consumption as well as gifts. A whiskey bottle to someone who likes this drink is always well received!

The location is in the south of the city, in the event center of the well-known Sofia Paradise Mall. So it’s very easy to find. So enjoy Sunday, be curious and try many varieties! Have fun discovering new interesting drinks.

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