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Monday is restaurant day! ….in the “Made in Home”-Restaurant!

The weather is getting warmer again and it is of course suitable to sit outside in the early evening and enjoy the sunset. Or if it’s too cold for you, simply try the dishes inside the restaurant. The “Made in Home” restaurant is perfect for this! The interior, as is done today, is spartan, interesting…

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This weekend – 07-09/10/2022

This weekend is all about the performance of one of Bulgaria’s most famous singers: Grafa. Tomorrow, October 8th he’s giving a concert in Club Terminal 1…and then of course there’s the after-show party from 0:30 a.m., which you can of course also visit. Or just stay in the Terminal 1 Club, the others just come…

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Monday is restaurant day! ….in the schnitzel house!

The Oktoberfest in Sofia came to an end today and you are wondering where you can get German food and delicious German beer outside of the Oktoberfest period? Then we have the right advice for you, with our Monday restaurant tip for all Sofia residents! Today we recommend the Schnitzel Haus in the Geo Milev…

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