5L – Speakeasy Bar

5L – Speakeasy Bar

The 5L Bar is located right next to the “Orlov-Most” metro station. The name 5L is derived from the Bulgarian word “Petel”, which means “rooster” in English. The bar is designed according to the American speakeasy bar model. During the 1920s, the serving of alcohol was banned during the prohibition period. But of course, back then, too, people found ways and means to have a good drink in the basement. The speakeasys were not just gangsters, but a large part of American high society.

So that starts with how you get into the bar. Can you find the right key? If you can’t find the key, the on-site staff will of course help you 🙂

The cocktails here are very well made and delicious! The interior is also unique. Definitely a top 1o bar for us!

This bar with a classic speakeasy concept is really something special in town.


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