Vitosha Street Café

Vitosha Street Café

The Vitosha Street Café will be particularly well received by the beer drinkers among you. The café is located in the pedestrian zone of Vitosha Bulevard in the center of Sofia. Here you can have a delicious beer and fast food such as burgers and pizza. I would not advise you to try anything other than the “classics” like burgers, as this is not the specialty of this café.

Those who want to see a few beers with good snacks and, for example, a football game, are in the right place in the pub Vitosha Street Café. Since this is the area in which many tourists are also on the move, the waiters can mostly speak English. However: From our point of view, it is not a tourist trap, but a bar that offers good value for money.

You can get an impression of the interior design here:


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