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Happy Friday: Cocktails in the 3oz-Bar

Dear Sofian or tourist, to start the weekend in style, a visit to a cocktail bar with friends is of course a good idea. From our point of view, the 3oz bar is the bar with the best cocktails in Sofia! Take it easy and let yourself be surprised. Especially with the upcoming good weather,…

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After Work in the La Cattedrale-Restaurant

A good way to end the working day is a visit to the La Cattedrale restaurant. Here you can have very good cocktails outside and enjoy the panorama of the Alexander Newsky Cathedral. It’s July, the temperatures are mild … everything speaks in favor of an after-work meeting! 🙂 We wish a Lot of fun!…

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5L-Speakeasy-Bar: Hendrick’s & plant.bite Brunch

A very special event will take place in the 5L Speakeasy Bar on July 3rd and 4th, 2021: the Hendrick’s & plant.bite brunch in the secret garden of the bar. During this event, the extraordinary and delicious plant-based menu from plant.bite will be presented with the exceptionally good cocktails from Hendrick’s combined. Come hungry and…

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