TODAY: 80s-music in the One More Bar

Those looking for distraction and a good mood in today’s snowy Sofia will find what they are looking for in the One More Bar. Here you can enjoy great cocktails … and today you are guaranteed a good mood with music from the 80s. Because of this, for us this is the place in Sofia … Read more

TODAY: Cocktail-Evening in the 3oz Bar

For once, our proposal today has nothing to do with the Sofia club scene over the weekend. Today we suggest a visit to one of the best cocktail bars in town: the 3oz bar. The above picture alone shows that these are cocktail professionals. So let’s go there after a successful Black Friday shopping evening! … Read more

TODAY: DJ Jordi in the Sense Rooftop Bar

If you want to spend a relaxed evening with a view of the Alexanker Newsky Cathedral today, our suggestion of a visit to the Sense Rooftop Bar is suitable. The cocktails and the atmosphere are really elitist and, from our point of view, excellent. Have a look, if you feel like it. More information on … Read more

Friday 5.11.: Club 1857 – ZAMUNDA BANANA BAND!!

People, a good mood is guaranteed in Club 1857 today !! I don’t think I can help anyone who doesn’t have fun with the music of the Zamunda Banana Band. The Zamunda Banana Band combines Bulgarian lyrics and well-known African hits in a very entertaining way. We from come out today as big ZAMUNDA … Read more

Friday 5.11.: Whiskey-Tasting in the Bar Local

Winter time is also whiskey time. In addition to the standard whiskey types, you can try a special type of whiskey in the Local Sofia bar at the weekend: The Macallan, Classic cut 2021. This single malt whiskey from Mastery Team was matured in oak barrels and offers you an interesting taste experience. Feel free … Read more