Wednesday Bar: SPUTNIK BAR

Wednesday Bar: SPUTNIK BAR

14. September 2022 0 By Sofia-TOP10

Today it’s AFTER WORK again, go to one of the best cocktail bars in Sofia! With its rather flashy decor, this bar is really unique in our city. Thanks to the lighting and the menu, you feel like you are in a very futuristic environment. Just great. The cocktails at this bar are truly world class. They are mostly self-created in an interesting and unusual way, which certainly sets them apart from the crowd of bars in Sofia. ….you can tell we are real fans of this bar. In the immediate vicinity is the Doctor’s Garden area, which we consider to be the best area in town with many other nightlife options, whether brunch, bars or nice restaurants, for everyone something.

If you want to eat something in the Sputnik Bar, it’s no problem. Here you can choose good snacks. Whether salads or burgers, you will definitely find something suitable for your cocktail.

It’s getting a little colder outside now, so you’ll usually be indoors. But the bar is big enough so you can find your place with your friends without reservation.

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