17. September 2022 0 By Sofia-TOP10

Today the beer keg was tapped for the first time to mark the start of the Oktoberfest in Munich. This is traditionally the start of Oktoberfest worldwide. The Oktoberfest also takes place in our city. This is the moment when you drink Bavarian beer with relish and enjoy the corresponding culinary delicacies. As long as it doesn’t rain again, this event is perfect, especially on the weekends, for example to go for a walk with the family and make a stop there. Then don’t forget that Oktoberfest only takes place once a year, so take the opportunity and spread the Bavarian joie de vivre and the joy of beer as a cultural asset.

The place where this event takes place could not be better chosen: City Garden Sofia, right in front of the Ivan Vasov Theather. No matter where you should be in the city, the way to this central location is really not far.

With this in mind, we at Sofia-top10.com wish you a happy October festival in Sofia, or as the Bavarians say: “O zapft is!”